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🇩🇪 WUNDERBAR!! German Sport Guns (GSG) will distribute Vesta in Germany

Exactly 1 year after Plan Beta started the VESTA Defense project, IWA 2023 was the opportunity to close several deals, including one very importance for the European market: the distribution by GSG of the Vesta PDW50 and related ammo in Germany.

Armen Ekmekdje, CEO of Plan Beta commented: "Our 2 companies have been very close since forever. It was natural to set up this cooperation for our new line of business."

Since its debut in 2002, GSG has been an inevitable player on the German - and European - arms industry. The Ense-based parent company of Diana rifles, and the manufacturer / distributor of prestigious brands such as Sig Sauer and Mauser, is a great combination of reliability and ambition, making them the perfect partner for the new brand like Vesta.


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