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"VESTA PDW50 could be the best gun in the category" says shooting legend (not us). See why in video

Mick Ratier is an ex-cop, now become a shooting guru on social media. His hundreds of video shooting sessions have been followed by millions of viewers.

Ratier recently released a shooting test video of the VESTA PDW50, and it was a shock to him and his community.

Incredible power up to 19 joules, great accuracy, design, ergonomy, sensations: "it's a whole package (...) maybe the best gun in the category (...) this is crazy" are (among others) Ratier's comments.

Full video with all test data can be viewed below:

Note: This video is NOT sponsored by VESTA.VESTA and its staff have no financial link and have never met with Mickael Ratier, an independent professional of the shooting industry.


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